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Customer needs, we act!

Issuing time:2021-12-04 13:42Author:HIGHYOND

Recently,there are some large parts in machining workshope waiting for vertical lathe machining.

Although we ordered a new vertical lathe two months ago,the delivery time for the vertical lathe is four months,it means that we still have to wait for two months.

But we can't keep our customer's parts waiting,so Highyond decided at once,we buy a 90% new vertical lathe,which has been installed and debutted in the factory,and will be put into use soon.

Highyond will have FOUR sets of vertical lathes in two months,by then,the machining of large parts will become easy.


Customer needs are the direction of Highyond's efforts, and we will act quickly!

Highyond speed is FAST!Our hearts are always ready for our customer service!

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