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Technology Silica Sol Investment Casting
Certificate ISO9001;CE/PED;IATF16949,RoHS
Size 120*60*7mm/Customizalbe
Transport By sea/By air/DHL/Fedex,etc

Custom OEM stainless steel silica sol investment casting Fluid chemical fittings_valve parts

We offer OEM&ODM casting service according to customers' drawing or samples!

1. Our Values:

--Customer oriented

--Leading technology

--Operating efficiency

--People foremost

--Integrity and win-win

2.Competition advantages:

1.Monthly production capacity is 120 tons,and the annual production capacity is 1500 tons,staff 210;

2.Over 14,000 types produced, super technology ,expert in difficult products

3.Over 300 grades,including Steel,Aluminum,Bronze,Nickel,Cobalt materials etc .

4.One-stop service: Tooling ,Casting ,Machining ,Surface treatment , Assembling

5.Min wall thickness 2mm/Min weight 0.001kg/Max weight 150kg/Max length 1m

6.Inspection: Spectrometer, Hardness Tester, Metalloscope, Impact&Tensile Test, UT, RT ,PT, MT ,CM     M ,Dynamic Balance Test, Salt Spray Test, Hydrostatic Test etc.

7.Machining capacity: over 50 sets CNC and machining equipments

3.Product Description of fluid chemical fittings:

Product NameFluid chemical fittings
Materialcarbon steel,low alloy steel,stainless steel,duplex stainless steel,heat-resistant steel ,tool steel,copper alloy,aluminium alloy,nickel base alloy, cobalt-base alloy
ProcessInvestment casting/lost wax casting+machining
Casting dimension toleranceVDG P690 D2
Casting weight rangeWeight range: >0.002kg
Machining PrecisionPositioning accuracy 0.008mm, Rep. position. accuracy 0.006mm
Casting Size≤1200mm×800mm×400mm OR 1000mm*ø700mm
Minimum Wall thickness0.5mm
Surface treatmentPickling,Passivation,Sand blasting, Grinding, Plating, E-polishing,Mirror polish,Mull polish,Zinc-plating
Casting surface roughness

Weight>5KG;Main wall thickness>12mm--3.2-6.3

Weight<5KG;Main wall thickness<12mm---1.6-3.2

Service availableOEM/ODM

4.We provide various test facilities as mentioned under:

1. Chemical analysis
2. Tensile strength
3. Elongation rate
4. Shrinkage rate
5. Impact test
6. Harness test
7. Metallography
8.Non-destructive tests(including dye penetrant, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and radiography)
9.Surface roughness test
10.CMM test

5.Our machining workshop picture show:

Machining workshop (2).jpgMachining workshop (3).jpgMachining workshop (1).jpgMachining workshop (4).jpg

6.Highyond certifications:

ISO9001 EN原版扫描.jpgIATF16949 EN原版扫描.jpgPED 原版扫描2.jpgPED 原版扫描1.jpg

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