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Foundry Safty Traning Held in Highyond

Issuing time:2020-09-26 14:22

On September 24, 2020, the Emergency Management Bureau of Dongying District organized a "observation and training meeting on safety production system of casting industry in Dongying District" in Huayang company.

The meeting was presided over by Wang Fang, director of Supervision Office of Dongying District Emergency Management Bureau, and Shang Jianshun, deputy director of Emergency Management Bureau of Dongying District, made an important speech.

Liang Weimin, head of the safety section of our company, made a report on the construction and operation of the safety production system on behalf of the company at the training meeting, and then the participants went to the production workshop to observe and communicate with each other on safety risk identification, post safety risk notification, hidden danger investigation and treatment publicity.

The organization of this meeting is not only the recognition of the safety production system of our company from all walks of life, but also marks that the safety management of our company has turned to be standardized and meticulous.

Representatives of 20 foundry enterprises in Dongying District attended the meeting.

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